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 What is RCIA?  Why go through the Process?

RCIA is the RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS.                                                            

It is a process through which an individual inquires and explores Christianity as a way of life in the Catholic Church.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • How is the Catholic Christian faith different from other Christian religions?
  • Will being a Catholic help me develop and strengthen my relationship with God?
  • Will teachings of Jesus enhance the fullness of life for me that is promised in the Scriptures?
  • Will being a member of the Catholic Church make a difference in my life?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, the RCIA process will help you answer them.

Life is a journey where a person is constantly learning, growing, and changing.   This process is a step in that journey and lays the ground work, through information and experiences, in helping you decide if you want to be a member of the Catholic faith.  It provides the opportunity to ask questions, pray, and experience what is meant by being a Catholic Christian and entering into a relationship with God and the Catholic community.

 The Rite of Sending, Rite of Election  & Lent


This rite provides baptized candidates seeking to complete their Christian initiation and non-baptized catechumens seeking to be received into the communion of the Catholic Church the opportunity to be recognized, affirmed, and welcomed by the parish community of Christ the King. The sponsors testify to the community their belief that the candidates and catechumens are ready to continue their journey of faith. In this Rite the candidates and catechumens, with the support of the parish community, are sent forth to the Bishop to be formally welcomed into the final stages of preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation


Candidates and Catechumens are sent forth to the celebration of election with Bishop Cummins. This sacramental election is focused on what God has done and is doing in these people's lives. In searching for meaning the candidates and catechumens may experience intellectual and moral conversion when meanings and values fall into place. But  they may be less conscious that it has been God searching for them. It's God working in their lives, seeking each one and inviting them to experience His love filling their heart. This is what is celebrated at the Rite of Election -- that God is electing the person. They are recognized and welcomed by the bishop into the unity of the church at large.


It is the reminder of baptism as well as the theme of repentance. The Scriptures during Lent from Cycle A (below, which we use in RCIA) are meant to help us uncover, heal, and let go of all that is not life-giving and to raise up and strengthen all that is good in our lives:

WOMAN AT THE WELL (John4:5-42) What do you thirst for in your life, community and the world?

MAN BORN BLIND (John9:1-41) What is in your life that you need to see clearly in the light of Christ?

RAISING OF LAZARUS (John 11:1-45) What do you need to let go of in your life? What in your community, world, is held in the grip of death and needs new life?


   What is the Commitment?

The RCIA members meet every Thursday Sept. through May, at the CTK Msgr. Wade Parish Hall, and on Sundays at the 10:45 Mass from late November until Easter. 

   Why is RCIA important?

You have probably experienced adults who are searching for meaning, faith and God in their lives.  In the RCIA process, we welcome those who have grown up with no religion at all, those who were baptized in a Christian tradition but have lost touch with the church, those who have a background in other Christian traditions, and those who were baptized Catholic but received little or no religious instruction.  By enabling these people to grow closer to God, we enrich their lives and spread the Light Of Christ a little further in the world.

The RCIA process begins with Inquiry.  Inquirers are invited to ask questions, share their stories, hear the Good News and reflect on the place of God in their lives.  The topics covered are very straightforward, touching on the highlights of our faith: the Creed, Mass, Prayer, the Bible, Sacraments, Saints and Mary.

To inquire about the RCIA, call MARIE EGOLF @ 925-687-6478 or PARISH HOUSE925-682-2486.


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