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What is RCIA?  Why go through the RCIA process?  Click here. Look here for Meeting Dates, Topics, Speakers and more. Where is facility located?  Maps, layouts, locations and more.  Check it out!    Find reference material here!  Recommended readings, prayers and more.   Want to know what that word means?  See all these and more! Ever wondered what the RCIA is all about?   Read on about testimonials from past RCIA cathechumens and candidates. Did you ever think of becoming a sponsor, what's involved, and who to contact?  Look here... Here's the latest news.  Read all about it!
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 What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is an active Catholic that is willing to be a companion to someone going through the RCIA process.  As they get acquainted they listen, answer questions, pray together, and connect them with the parish.  Sponsors find their role to be one that enriches and deepens their own faith as well.  It is a very rewarding experience.  As one sponsor said, "I am learning and growing at a better pace than if I had not sponsored someone.  It is very exciting to hear the questions they ask and to see them evolve through the process."  Sponsors are not meant to have all the answers ( in fact, it is better if they don't ).   Their main role is to be a friend and companion on the journey.

   Excerpts from ...

Notes from the book Walking Together in Faith by Thomas H. Morris

Conversion is a shift from one way of life to another.

Restructuring of life elicits various responses.  e.g. doubt, fear, loss of control, elation, sorrow, excitement, anticipation.

The sponsor is one who works with the candidate without taking away the experience.

Basic pattern of conversion journey:

  • setting out  (starting to feel uncomfortable)
  • disruption  (no longer what they seem)
  • period of confusion and assessment
      (what is going on?)
  • restructuring  (no going back)
  • living it out

Sponsors are not there to save catechumens from there experiences, but rather to walk with them, perhaps shedding some light.


   What is the Commitment?

This year we recommend that Sponsors join their candidate/ catechumen on Thursday nights, aside from the regularly scheduled monthly Sponsor meetings, whenever possible.  We also ask that they stay in touch with them weekly.

News Flash....for Catholics interested in being a sponsor, please inquire about it as this is a very enriching experience

   Send in your questions...

Please provide us with questions or comments that your candidates and catechumens have asked about or mentioned.  You may have questions of your own as well.  We're sure others may have similar questions, and we would like to post the questions with the answers on the web site, so do send them in, by clicking on the mailbox below.  Thanks!

  Preparation - Period of Enlightenment

Sponsor's meeting topic in preparation for the Period of Enlightenment:

Discussion questions with c/c's:

1. Do the topics that are being discussed create new questions for you?
2. What have you learned?

Sponsor goals:

1. Sponsors guide the person - not just through the rite, but WITH the person.  You are there to support them.
2. Being aware of the growth/change in the way your candidate/catechumen talks, thinks, perceives God in relationship to their daily life?
3. Are they discerning what God is doing in their life?

Rite of Sending - Rite of Election - Lent

Principles elements unique to the Rite of Sending and Election:

1. testimony - affirm God's presence in their life, discern readiness to embrace the teachings of Jesus, aware of God working through them, and that God is choosing them.
2. signing the book - a sign of commitment in response to God to live in
mission as part of the larger community.

To inquire about the RCIA, call MARIE EGOLF @ 925-687-6478 or PARISH HOUSE925-682-2486.


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