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   Parish Ministries - Volunteer Opportunities to Serve      

There are many ways in which Parishioners can participate actively in our community.
Sign-up today for volunteer opportunities and to help you become familiar with the people and the life of Christ the King parish community.  Please call the Parish House @ 925-682-2486 or refer to the CTK Parish Directory 2001-2003, for more details about the CTK ministries listed below:

  • Youth Ministry (Adult leader; Youth Leader)
  • Adult Interest Groups (18-25; 25-45; 45+)
  • Religious Education Pre K-8
       (Cathechist; Cathechist Asst.; Substitute; Co-op Baby-sitting 9:15 Mass)
  • Liturgy Planning (Coordinating; Environment)
  • Altar Society
  • Children's Liturgy Committee
  • Eucharist Minister   (Sat. 5 PM; Sun - 7:00; 8:00;  9:15; 10:45; 2:15)
  • Lector    (Sat. 5 PM; Sun - 7:00; 8:00;  9:15; 10:45; 12:15)
  • Usher    (Sat. 5 PM; Sun - 7:00; 8:00;  9:15; 10:45; 12:15)
  • Music Ministry
       (Sat. 5 PM; Sun - 8:00;  9:15; 10:45; 12:15; Occasional, Children's)
  • Altar Server (5th grade and above)
  • Slide Projectionist   (Sat. 5 PM; Sun - 7:00; 8:00;  9:15; 10:45; 12:15)
  • Convalescent Home Ministry
  • Eucharist Minister to the Sick
  • Bereavement Ministry
  • S.O.S. (Short-term Outreach Service)
  • Building & Maintenance Committee; Work Party]
  • Hospitality Committee (e.g. Newcomers' Reception)
  • Donuts and Coffee   (Sun - 8:00;  9:15; 10:45)
  • Social Justice Ministry
  • Helping Hands (Preparing a meal)
  • Legion of Mary (meets Tues. at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Parish Prayer Line
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Small Faith Sharing Group Facilitator
  • Celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a Parish

To inquire about the RCIA, email AL GARROTTO @ .


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