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  Prayer: O God of Community

Oh God of community,
who calls us to be in relationship
with one another
and who has promised to dwell
wherever two or three are gathered,
hear this prayer:
By your Spirit you have graced each of us
with differing gifts.
To one you have given the speaking of wisdom,
to another, the utterance of knowledge,
to another, faith, to another, gifts of healing,
to another, the working of miracles....... . (I Cor. 12:710)

For these and all gifts by which you bless our community,
I give you thanks.

Open my eyes, 0 God, to perceive the gifts
you have placed within me and to honor the
differing gifts which my sisters and brothers offer.
Bless our hands, our hearts, our vision to work together....


Jan L. Richardson, 20th Century

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